Nigerian Top 20 Languages

Nigeria has over 250 ethnic languages with some (those bordering other African nations) extending beyond the borders of the country.  The table below contains the top 20 languages (top 3 rankings are accurate, the other rankings are disputable at best) based on the population of the primary speakers of the language.  Most of the speakers of the other languages understand and/or speak one or more of the 20 languages below which further complicates the rankings.

States with Most Speakers
Hausa Bauchi,Gombe,Kaduna,Kano,Katsina,Kebbi,Niger,and Others
Yoruba Edo,Ekiti,Ogun,Ondo,Oshun,Oyo,Kogi,Kwara,Lagos
Igbo(Ibo) Abia,Anambra,Ebonyi,Enugu,Imo,Delta,Rivers,Akwa Ibom
Fulani Adamawa,Borno,Nassarawa,Taraba,Yobe,Sokoto,Zamfara,and Others
Ibibio Akwa Ibom
Ijaw(Ijo) Bayelsa,Delta,Rivers,Ondo,Akwa Ibom
Kanuri Yobe,Borno,Jigawa
Tiv Benue,Plateau,Taraba
Edo Edo
Efik Cross River
Urhobo Delta
Nupe Nassarawa,Niger,Kogi,Kwara,Abuja,Benue
Igala Benue,Kogi,Edo,Anambra
Edoma(Idoma) Benue
Geomai Plateau
Itsekiri(Isekiri) Delta
Ebira Kwara,Kogi,Plateau,Edo
Gun-gbe Lagos(Badagry area)
Anaang Akwa Ibom
Jju Kaduna

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