Nigeria - Major Cities/Towns

ABA - Abia State
Aba is a mere 30 minutes from Port Harcourt's busy seaport and international airport, and is equidistant to Owerri, Umuahia, and Uyo (40 miles). Aba is often referred to as the Taiwan of Nigeria because of its penchant for copy technology, also known as "Aba or Ibo made".


ABEOKUTA - Ogun State
This city is less than one hour from Lagos and is strategically located on the Olumo rock-a-mystical and religious symbol, and has also become the capital of Ogun State.


ABUJA - Federal Capital Territory
Abuja was chosen in 1976 as the new federal capital to relieve the pressure on Lagos and avoid the headaches that had grown with it. The architects and city planners combined the natural features of Abuja with modern designs to produce a beautiful as well as a functional city. Abuja located in the middle of the Nigeria, has several hotels of international standard and an international airport conveniently located on the outskirts of the city.


AKURE - Ondo State
This city which is the capital of Ondo State is well renowned for its cocoa farms. Cocoa farming still plays a big role in the economic life of the inhabitants and the State as a whole. It is located in the rain forest zone of Nigeria.


BAUCHI - Bauchi State
Apart from being the State capital, it is also the home of Nigeria's first Prime Minister, Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa. It is in close proximity to the Yankari Games Reserves, and is also situated in the Savannah region of Nigeria.


BENIN CITY - Edo State
Apart from being the State capital and the former capital of the then Mid-Western Region, it is also the home of Edo-speaking people and the home of Oba of Benin. Renowned for its sculptors and bronze smiths, the city strives to maintain a balance between arts and culture Vs. modern industries growth needs.


CALABAR - Cross River State
The principal city of the Efiks and capital of the State was one of the early points of contact with the Europeans. The colonial landscape reminds visitors that the city was once the headquarters of the Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria. It is well known for its artifacts and a thriving industry in cane products.


ENUGU - Enugu State
Is the capital of Enugu State and the former capital of the then Eastern Region. It is also known for its coal mining industry and is fast shedding its reputation as a sleepy "civil servant's town" with increasing commercial and manufacturing activity.


IBADAN - Oyo State
Apart from being the capital of Oyo State, the former capital of the then Western Region, it is also the seat of Olubadan - the traditional ruler. The original city was built on seven hills to provide a natural defense. Today, it is said to be West Africa's largest city. Its economy is dominated by the powerful female traders who have made an art of the retail trade.


ILORIN - Kwara State
Is the capital of the State and is known for leather works and quality woven fabric. It is located in the north-western part of Nigeria with a mixture of savannah and tropical vegetation.


JOS - Plateau State
Sitting 2,500 meters above sea level on a plateau with temperate-like climate, this capital of the State is the favorite spot for Western visitors. It is also known for tin ore mining, rock climbing, and its wildlife sanctuaries and water falls.


KADUNA - Kaduna State
Apart from being the capital of Kaduna State, the former capital of the then Northern Region, it is also the home of Nigeria defense establishment, which includes the Nigeria Defence Academy and the Defence Industries Corporation. It is often referred to as the shadow capital of the country.


KANO - Kano State
Apart from being the capital of Kano State, it is also the seat of Emir of Kano - whose power extends across most of the North. The city is made up of two sections: old Kano soaked in culture, walled in and predominantly Muslim, and the new Kano which is the industrial and commercial hub of the entire North as well as its cultural capital. Its airport is the second busiest in the nation.


MAIDUGURI - Borno State
The city lies on the north-east extreme of Nigeria hence its sparse vegetation. Lake Chad which is part of the State provides tons of fish for the country's consumption. It is also the capital of the State.


LAGOS - Lagos State
This is the number one commercial, social, and political city in the country. It is noisy and expensive but number one in the heart of most Nigerians as the place to make a fortune and have maximum fun. Despite its four million official residents which is significantly underestimated, it continues to receive 3,000 new comers daily, each with a dream of making it big. In Lagos, shanties jostle for space with high-rise buildings, just as very old buses and cars fight in the roadways with latest European and Japanese automobiles.


ONITSHA - Anambra State
This is perhaps the best known commercial center in southern Nigeria. There is a popular saying that what you cannot find in Onitsha market cannot be found elsewhere in Nigeria. Bestriding the River Niger, this city has carved a name for itself in the wholesale and retail trade.


Is the capital of the State and the former headquarters of the Shell-D'arcy company which pioneered oil prospecting in Nigeria. Today, the city has rebounded from the exit of the oil companies to Port Harcourt and is slowly becoming the convention capital of the country.


PORT HARCOURT - Rivers State
Apart from being the State capital, and the country's second largest port, it is also the hub of the Nigeria's oil industry as well as eastern terminus of the country's railroad system. The city is popularly known as the Garden City because of its scenic beauty and modern design.


SOKOTO - Sokoto State
Apart from the being the State capital, and the center of Islamic scholarship, it is also the seat of the Sultan of Sokoto who is revered as the head of the Islamic religion in Nigeria and even beyond its borders. Sokoto is also known for its high quality leather which is commonly known as Morocco leather.


WARRI - Delta State
As a city close to two seaports and home to some strategic oil exploration and refinery activities, Warri plays a key role in the lives of many Nigerians. It also known for its night life and trend setting despite its size as a small city.

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